Soccer Recruiting Combines

General Information

Why Attend the Soccer Performance & Recruiting Combine?

Every year thousands of high school and junior college soccer players all across the country with the desire and the ability to participate at the collegiate level are overlooked by college and university coaching staffs. Often athletes go unnoticed because they are members of a team which did not achieve a winning record, the athletes attend smaller, lower profile schools and/or the athletes fail to effectively market their talents to the proper audience.

Xcel Sports Training's Soccer Performance & Recruiting Combine was developed to assist athletes in overcoming these obstacles by:

What Makes Xcel's Soccer Performance & Recruiting Combine the Best?

The Soccer Performance & Recruiting Combine is truly a one-of-a-kind event. Xcel's Recruiting Combine offers a comprehensive program with the following critical components:

Recruiting Combine SCHEDULE OF EVENTS


The Recruiting Combine incorporates a series of Functional Performance Tests designed to evaluate each athlete's speed, agility, strength and explosive power. The tests include:


The Recruiting Combine also includes the following Soccer-Specific Skills Tests, all of which have been developed and evaluated by collegiate and professional level soccer coaches.


Each athlete will have a detailed personal profile that is posted on the website and available to all college coaches at no charge (Sample Profile). Profiles include the athlete's picture, academic information, coach contact information, physical test information, as well as season stats.

Stats include the following:

Season Stats: Goals, Goals/Game, Points, Points/Game, Assists, Assists/Game

Goalkeepers: Save Percentage, Goals Against/Game

Game High Stats: Goals, Points, Assists, Saves


The Soccer Performance & Recruiting Combine will incorporate an educational presentation for all participants, parents and coaches by the National Collegiate Scouting Association. The presentation will address all aspects of being a student-athlete and parent. Particular emphasis will be made on managing communication with college coaches, steps that can be taken to increase college exposure, the value of academics in the recruiting process and the importance of NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA recruiting standards.


The Soccer Performance & Recruiting Combine is an "open" event. Every athlete from 9th through 12th grade is welcome to attend. Facilities and resources are limited. The first athletes that send in the completed registration forms along with payment, or register online, will be eligible. High school and collegiate coaches are invited to attend free of charge.


Individuals = $95 per athlete